Our mission is to help millions of
dogs and cats in Asia

Our Vision

End the torture and killing of companion animals in the Asian meat trade, and provide safety and care to the lives of dogs and cats impacted by violence and cruelty.

Our Mission

Save, rehabilitate, and promote the welfare of dogs and cats victimized by the meat trade in Asia through legislative action, education, and taking preventive measures.

About the founder

Batya Erickson

Hi There,

My name is Batya Erickson. Professionally, I have been many things; a middle school counselor, a journalist, and a kitten foster, which turned out to be my favorite role. Fostering led me to a kitten named Livie, who would change my life forever and taught me how important animals’ roles are to human lives. Almost on the spot, I “foster-failed” Livie, which eventually led me to work towards the protection of companion animals in the meat trade.

Many relatives and friends have asked me, “Couldn’t you pick an easier issue to tackle?”

To illustrate why I want to work on this issue particularly, refer to this story about changing even one life for the better.

The meat trade represents the ultimate cruelty, devastation, and hopelessness. By collaborating with experts in the field, rescuers with boots on the ground, and a strong donor base, action can be taken to alleviate the suffering of these innocent animals.

Please join me in creating a better future for these innocent dogs and cats. Please feel free to contact me at batya@dcscasia.org.

- Batya

Batya Erickson